What's New?

[2011-07-11] Boost.Icl ships with Boost 1.47.0: Some adaptations for the seamless integration of the new library Boost.Chrono. Very stable version. No open bugs.

[2011-03-12] Boost.Icl is released with Boost 1.46.1: With the point re­lease some minor code and documentation bugs are fixed. E.g. #5207

[2011-02-21] Boost.Icl is released with Boost 1.46.0: The core library of interval container ships with Boost 1.46.0 for the first time and is now part of the Boost c++ libraries.

[2011-01-14] Point release icl-4.0.1+ available: Due to the boost night tests on a wide variety of compilers and platforms and some user feed­back, the portability of the ICL has been polished and a some flaws in interval bitsets and the documentation have been fixed.

[2010-11-10] The Interval Container Library, ICL, formerly known as Interval Template Library, ITL, is now prepared for inclusion into the next boost release 1.46 and has been moved to the Boost trunk. The issues raised during the formal review are mainly solved or imple­mented as agreed in the discussion.

[2010-04-18] The Interval Template Library, ITL, has been accepted into Boost! Many thanks to all the reviewers and review manager Hartmut Kaiser.